4 reasons why you should take paternity leave

Paternity, it’s only as of late that it’s really been pushed in the media. Whether that’s right or wrong it’s happening. This has put immense pressure on employers to provide fair treatment to those wanting to take paternity. But we know what you might be thinking, “will this harm my shot at a promotion?”, “Will my colleagues/competitors gain an advantage by me being out the business?” Or simply, “Do I even want to” We understand, it’s suddenly kicked in that right now you’re the sole breadwinner and so there’s more pressure. But bro, we still think you should take time off, here’s why…

The time spent in priceless
You cannot put a price on family and the time you spend with your newborn are memories you will have forever. Gone are the days that just contributing financially is enough, we’re fully investing in our kid’s futures now and that also means showing up, handling your responsibilities and holding yourself accountable for the development of your children.

Create a bond
When a baby is a delivered by the midwifery staff, the baby is checked, given the all clear and handed to the mother. Do you know why that is? Bond, James Bond. That’s right, bonding is an essential part of any relationship. Studies show that rejection from either parent has a huge effect on children’s personality. They can grow to become more anxious and insecure. They may also grow to become more hostile and aggressive.

Lighten the load
Frankly, mum has been through what you can never begin to understand. All you can do to attempt to reciprocate the effort is to support and add emotional value to your family. The first couple of weeks after childbirth for mums can be overwhelming, to say the least. Let her heal and gather her thoughts. Handle things and take care of your baby.

When you eventually do get back to work, you’ll be firing on all cylinders. By taking paternity would have built that priceless bond with your child. Now you will have and more importantly understand your “why” for working so hard. When work gets hard you can think back to those glorious moments and validate your sacrifice. Furthermore, you can share all your baby pictures with your colleagues back at work that they obviously can’t wait to see! (not)

We hope that you’re at the least more open to taking paternity leave. Trust us, we know the challenges you’re facing dad but try to make it work and be present.