5 things to do when labour starts

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So, labour has started, what do you do? Whatever you do don’t panic, it will make your partner panic and that’s the last thing you need, your partner needs to be calm relaxed and most importantly prepared. 5 things to do when she goes into labour.

Call the midwife
Call your midwife as soon as your partners labour begins, your midwife or the hospital will tell you when to come in (If you are having your baby at the hospital) When you get to the hospital your midwife will check your partners blood pressure, temperature and pulse, check the baby’s heartbeat and feel your partners stomach to see which way your baby is lying and to check the size of your baby. Make sure you have a change of clothes for both of you. You don’t know how long this is going to last.

Encourage your partner to move around
Movement can help your partners labour progress and relieve discomfort. Moving around can be the tool to manage the pain. Walking can help move the baby’s head into the pelvis. Encourage your partner to walk around the room, and if she feels comfortable to try walking up and down some nearby stairs. If your partner is in a lot of discomfort refrain from asking her to move around.

Practice breathing with her
During the stress of labour, it is very common for your partner to forget her breathing techniques, so this is where all the antenatal classes come into play (hopefully you’ve attended), breath with her, it will help calm any anxiety she might be feeling especially if she is a first-time mum. At the beginning and end of each contraction tell her to take a deep breath, this will also help provide more oxygen for your baby.

Don’t deny her pain relief if she really wants it
Prior to labour the two of you have probably discussed pain relief. Some mothers tell their partners not to let them have pain relief such as epidural no matter how bad the pain becomes. Some mothers think they will need pain relief before labour. It’s a good idea to come up with a safe word with your partner so you know she is being serious about needing pain relief.

Sit back and enjoy
Even though labour seems like it lasts forever, it will all be over before you know it. So, it’s important you and your partner take deep breaths and be ready for what’s about to come, you are about to meet the new little love of your life. Be supportive of your partner and keep her as calm as possible and assist where you’re needed.

Dad, we hope after reading this your more prepared. Because of its uniqueness, this process is promised to always be overwhelming. Here’s the best advice, make sure you’re there.

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