5 tips to baby-proof your home


Preparing your home for your new baby doesn’t have to be hard, even though there are dangers everywhere in your home from fireplaces to colourful wires, if you prepare early and protect your baby from any possible hazards it will be very straightforward. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare your home for your baby.

Soften hard edges
Coffee tables and TV stands and any other under the knee hard edge furniture may look fine to you but to a baby it’s a disaster waiting to happen, to stop your baby from a bad bump to the head by covering hard edges with safety edges and corner guards. Or you could get rid of any hard-edged furniture in your home however you would be wasting the money you spent so safety guards would be an easier option.

Cover electrical sockets
Your baby has their own toys however they would prefer to play with the wires and sockets in the house. Your baby will often see you plug electrical items into sockets and may want to copy you (I know, very cute) However it won’t be very cute if they were to electrocute themselves, to prevent this you can purchase electrical outlet caps, these covers are made out of plastic and go directly into the socket.

Block the stairs
Stairs can be very dangerous to babies; however, it is easy to make sure stairs are not a hazard to your baby. Baby gates are one of the best baby proofing options, there are many different baby gates which are designed to suit your household needs and preferences. Make sure to measure the area you want to block off, as well as measuring the area to measure your baby’s height too. Don’t underestimate your baby’s ability to get over the gate.

Lock kitchen cupboards and draws
Your little explorer will go anywhere and everywhere in your house, making sure your kitchen cupboards and draws are locked away from your baby is so crucial, Chemicals and medicines are stored in kitchen cupboards and other harmful items are stored in kitchen cupboards such as knives, forks and scissors, they can also shut their little fingers in draws when opening and closing them so please be mindful of this and put preventatives methods in place.

Install a toilet lock
Going to the toilet is a normal everyday thing for us adults but not for babies. Installing a toilet lock can prevent your child from falling in the toilet, drinking the toilet water and dropping things in the toilet. However, you and other family members will have to get into the habit of locking the toilet after using it, no more leaving the toilet seat up! It’s also a good idea to hide the toilet brush!

It may feel overwhelming preparing your home for your baby, however, with the right changes your baby will be safe and sound in your home. Safety first bro!