5 ways to keep the fire burning

Your partner is always busy at work, you’re always busy at work. So, what do you do? Many couples find it hard to keep the spark and romance in their relationship after having children so you’re are not alone but there are a few things you should know before you try to spice things up. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you keep the romance alive and bring you back to the beast you once were! *Wolf howl*

Be Spontaneous
Everybody loves getting things at work. The delivery person comes in and everyone stares waiting to see who gets the goodies. Sending your significant other a gift “just because” keeps the fire burning. Send a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates with a card. It only takes a little bit of money for this big gesture of appreciation. Other ideas include a surprise date night or stay in and cook a romantic meal for the two of you.

Have more sex
This is just a no-brainer and best of all it’s free. Try out new sexual positions there are many innovative sex positions out there, now I know you think you may have done them all, but we are certain you haven’t. Always ask your partner before introducing something new and obviously never pressure your spouse into doing something. Ideas could include: watch porn together, try anal sex, use a sex toy, try role-playing, talk dirty to each other or simply buy your spouse some lingerie (your spouse will love it). The bedroom is a comfortable and convenient place to have sex with your spouse however you can always mix it up. Kitchen worktop? Disabled toilets? A private swimming pool? On a beach or a plane. Wild we know but this stuff is not just for the movies.

Tell your spouse what you like and encourage them to do the same. Communicating with your spouse about what you like sexually is important. Talk frequently and honestly with each other about sex, if the sexual intimacy in your marriage is lacking do not ignore the situation. Address it by discussing your feelings and do not come from a place of blame. This is likely to go down a bad for you both you and your spouse, treat this as the sensitive topic that it is. Sweeping sexual issues under the rug will only make them worse over time.

Maintain hygiene
Grooming will change the appearance of your pubic area. It will not only be visually pleasing to your spouse’s eyes but will create different sensations as well. Shower before and after, when you feel clean you feel even more confident and well we all know that means! A human’s sense of smell is very strong and it’s never to be overlooked. Lack of good hygiene can be a turnoff. Keep clean, it’s that simple.

Don’t give up
Things might be a little awkward if you and your spouse have not had sex in a while so don’t worry if the two of you don’t get back into the swing of things straight away, it’s a process and it can take time, just make sure to communicate and respect each other. Things may not change unless you take control and make the decision to change things so get going and get flowing.

Sometimes it’s hard to go back to the way things used to be, but that doesn’t mean it never will, keep trying at it and be spontaneous, your partner will appreciate it!