Brands now need to position themselves to form deep and meaningful relationships with their customers and establish an emotional attachment in their marketing strategies. Because of this, there is huge upside potential in investing in your company with Dadapp. Ask yourself, what does fatherhood mean to you?

More than ever, dads today are outwardly active and engaged in the raising of their children. From a consumer standpoint, dads are an integral part of a households key decision making process. In essence, dads pride themselves on being the best versions of themselves and not just for them, but for the next generation.

We’re a community that celebrate and discusses fatherhood and all that it entails. We provide dads with a home feed, instant messaging, and geolocation that enables offline meet-ups. Lastly, we release real, honest and thought-provoking content covering topics like health, lifestyle and sex on our app to educate, motivate and inspire dads around the world.

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