Are you dressing for success?

Woman dressing man

If you are, great go and look at something else. But if you’re not, by all means, crack on.  Dressing success means different things to different people. Here at Dadapp, what we mean by dressing for success is to carry yourself with confidence.

Wear confidence 
You know the saying, wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you. You see it all the time, guys with all the gear but no idea. No matter what you wear, if you’re not wearing it with confidence people can and will sense it and unfortunately treat you accordingly. Being confident doesn’t mean acting like a fool or being mean. No, it means being respectful, professional calm, cool and collected.

Follow the rules (Just this once) 
For men, dressing for success doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. Yes, we all have our signature styles and that’s great because we don’t want everyone dressing the same. That would be pretty boring. However, there is no reason to attempt to totally reinvent the will. Guys that look good follow very simple steps. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and tailored to fit your body type. You can be a big guy or a small guy it doesn’t really matter. Working with your body and not against when it comes to your dress-sense is guaranteed to put you in the driving seat.

Smell nice 
Dressing nice goes way beyond the physical. We’re not saying tip the whole bottle on your head, but one or two sprays never hurt anybody. Also, don’t you dare spray cologne on you without showering first! We who you are and you’re nasty! By doing this, you’ll just be smelling… Musty. Success doesn’t like musty and neither does your partner or the people you work with.

Replace when necessary 
Brother, we get it. We all have those white shirts that are not white. Get them professionally cleaned or throw them away or better yet, donate them. Whites should be white. Your favourite and the most comfortable pair of boxers with a hole in them? They have to go too. *sniffles* Even though your boxers are not visible (unless that’s your day job), that doesn’t mean you should cut corners in your appearance. All these small things add up and ultimately shape the way you feel about yourself.

When you look good, you feel good. We want you feeling good because it does wonders. Not just for you but for your family too.