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5 ways to keep the fire burning

20th May 2019 | Uncategorised

Your partner is always busy at work, you’re always busy at work. So, what do you do? Many couples find it hard to keep the spark and romance in their relationship after having children so you’re are not alone but there are a few things you should know before you try to spice things up….

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5 things to know about sex during pregnancy

13th May 2019 | Uncategorised

Dad, it’s safe. It’s safe to have sex whilst your partner is pregnant. We don’t know who invented the myth, but no your penis will not poke the baby! Here’s a heads up, if your partner has just given you the great news of a pregnancy, a study showed that 54% of woman say that…

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How to talk with your partner about money (without it getting heated)

29th April 2019 | Uncategorised

Yes bro, we’re taking it here. Household bills, kids’ tuition, individual spending habits, addictions, breadwinners, resentment, and our personal favourite, blame. The general consensus (in the UK) is that we hate discussing money so today we’re going to face our fears head-on. However, there is a time and a place to have the money talk…

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How to cut the cost of childcare

22nd April 2019 | Uncategorised

Don’t have kids, done. We’re joking! Money continues to be a constant constraint for a lot of parents and with the ever-increasing fees that childcare embodies, saving whenever and wherever you will ensure you get the best bang for your buck. The cost of childcare varies depending on the type of childcare and your location….

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5 ways to teach your child about money

15th April 2019 | Uncategorised

Money is important, it can be your best friend one minute and your worst enemy the next. However, not teaching your children about money is doing wrong by them. Money habits are often passed down through generations. If you’ve been taught good money habits, it’s your duty to pass the information on. Like many of…

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Interview: MFF

13th April 2019 | Uncategorised

MusicFootballFatherhood.com (MFF) is the most exciting parenting and lifestyle platform for men in the UK. Called the ‘mumsnet for dads’ by the BBC, MFF has a growing community of dads which they connect with through blogs, events, Twitter chats and their forthcoming YouTube show. Dadapp sat down with MFF founder, Elliott Rae, to hear about his journey, fatherhood and…

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5 ways to dominate your finances

8th April 2019 | Uncategorised

Have you ever tried to be more efficient with money? If so, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Life is constantly trying to distract you and throw you off course. So, what do you do? There are many ways to dominate your finances but today we’ll tell you five. Calculate Expenses It’s simple mathematics….

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4 reasons you should take paternity leave

1st April 2019 | Uncategorised

Paternity, it’s only as of late that it’s really been pushed in the media. Whether that’s right or wrong it’s happening. This has put immense pressure on employers to provide fair treatment to those wanting to take paternity. But we know what you might be thinking, “will this harm my shot at a promotion?”, “Will…

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Dadapp User Interview: DIY DADDY

28th March 2019 | Uncategorised

Today we interview Nigel who is the founder and writer of the blog, DIY Daddy. He is one of the top Dad bloggers in the UK and is currently rated #4 dad blogger and #10 parent blogger. Nigel is the father of five children so has had plenty of experience when it comes to being…

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What to do if your child is considered obese

22nd March 2019 | Uncategorised

We’ve got to be careful with this one because it’s 2019 and you can get in trouble for anything these days. Regardless of your personal views, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death and could cause cancer. We’re not talking baby weight, we’re talking straight obesity. It’s unhealthy. Additionally, your child may be…

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