What happens when clothing meets community?


You know when you step out with the little ones and you and the kids look like an absolute unit? Exactly…

They make stylish matching clothing for Man & Cub.
Whether that’s Father & Son, Uncle & Nephew or any other Man & Cub combination they’re about flaunting family ties for all to see. It’s an outward projection of pride, and wearing your heart on your sleeve, quite literally. Master & Apprentice; Expert & Prodigy. Man & Cub.

There’s so much on the market for mums & daughters, but when it comes to fathers & sons, there’s nothing out there besides low-quality gimmicky slogan t-shirts

And as you know, here at Dadapp, we don’t do gimmicks.

In a period where active fatherhood and positive male role models are at the forefront of headlines, they knew it was about time someone was doing it for the guys. After all, there’s no bond quite like the father-son bond.

They set out to create a great brand that champions these important issues and delivers stylish and premium quality matching outfits men actually want to wear, and that brings them closer to their Cubs. And that’s EXACTLY what they did.


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