How to cut the cost of childcare

Don’t have kids, done. We’re joking! Money continues to be a constant constraint for a lot of parents and with the ever-increasing fees that childcare embodies, saving whenever and wherever you will ensure you get the best bang for your buck. The cost of childcare varies depending on the type of childcare and your location. We also spoke to a few fathers and they all agreed that if you factor in commuting costs, it may not make financial sense for both of you to work. Grab a pen, here are 5 ways to cut the cost of childcare.

Remote work
Ask your boss if it’s possible to work from home for a set period of time or a couple of days a week. Remember when asking, timing is everything. Is it a suitable time for the business? Anticipate the red flags and have a reply ready. Working from home can save a huge amount of time and money if granted. Your boss may have concerns and they do, try suggesting a trial run to see how things go. We know this is hard but if you’re successful, you’re in the money.

Work different hours to your spouse
If the opportunity permits, it may be a good idea to work different hours to your partner. This can decrease the cost of childcare as you may not need to use those services as often. Have the conversation, voicing the issue of money and plan what can be done to alleviate some of the financial burdens.

Find a father friend
Trust is the biggest thing with this one. Firstly, and this is important, make they are an actual friend and not some random bloke who once looked after a football. Tapping into your network of friends can be a big help when trying to save on childcare. Before committing to something like this, consult your partner if applicable. Like the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a good friend to save money! Shameless plug: You can find father friends on our app.

Research the tax breaks available
If you can be bothered to dig deeper (big sigh), there are lots of things available to parents regarding childcare and the cost of it. For example, there is tax-free childcare but be sure to check the eligibility, you can also apply for a childcare grant if you’re in full-time higher education for children under fifteen or under seventeen if they have special needs.

Ask the Grandparents
As the number of intergenerational households steadily increase it’s ideal to ask the grandparents. They have a wealth of experience as they have been there and done it and are still around to tell the tale. A thriving relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren are amongst the best thing this life has to offer. Allow the satisfying bonding sessions to occur frequently, grandparents will thank you and so will your bank account. Win-win.

We hope you use this information to your advantage, (another shameless plug coming right up) help another dad today by inviting them to Dadapp. We’re fluent in fatherhood.