Interview: MFF (MFF) is the most exciting parenting and lifestyle platform for men in the UK. Called the ‘mumsnet for dads’ by the BBC, MFF has a growing community of dads which they connect with through blogs, events, Twitter chats and their forthcoming YouTube show.

Dadapp sat down with MFF founder, Elliott Rae, to hear about his journey, fatherhood and what he has in store for the future of MFF.

How long has the blog been going?
The beginnings of MFF started on New Year’s Day 2016 but in it’s current form, we have been running since New Year’s Day 2017.

What has been MFF’s proudest moment?
Being featured on the BBC and having the most viewed video on the BBC website was pretty cool.

 You haven’t signed up to Dadapp yet, what are you waiting for?!
I have now. And I’m ready to meet some dads in my local area!

What do you think is the biggest challenge affecting fathers today?
I think there are probably different challenges depending on where you are at in life and your current social situation. The dads who are part of the MFF community are mostly professional dads who are doing quite well in life. For them, I would say that balance is the most difficult thing. And by balance I mean having a successful career, a social life, a good relationship with your wife/partner, keeping fit, doing stuff to maintain the house and being an engaged dad. It’s hard to have it all. Ironically, now dads are more engaged than ever before, they are experiencing some of the same challenges that women and mothers have had for years.

You blog about fatherhood, why did you also add music and football?
When I originally started MFF, I wanted it to be a place where I could talk about all the things I really care about! And what I found is that most other dads are into music and football too 😉

As you blog about music who is your top 5 favourite rappers, dead or alive?
Oh, big question! I’ll have to go with the rappers who have had the biggest impact on me in various parts of my life. So these are not necessarily the best rappers technically but the ones who helped define certain periods of my life:

Chip, Biggie, Eminem, Wiley, Mase

How do you think the landscape of fatherhood has changed in the last decade?
Fatherhood has changed massively over the last decade. Dads are now more involved in family life than ever before. We are present at the birth and now have the option of Shared Parental Leave. We have more and more stay at home dads and dads working flexibly. The narrative around dads has changed massively but we still have a long way to go to change the perception of fatherhood.

 When Dwayne “The Rock” showed support, what was your immediate reaction?
That anything is possible and if you work really hard, have a clean heart and believe in what you are doing, you never know where the universe will take you.

Mental health amongst men unfortunately still carries a stigma, why do you think this is?
In terms of the overall media perception, I don’t think there is a stigma anymore. But in terms of individuals and how comfortable men are talking to friends or professionals about their mental health, there still definitely is a stigma in that. But I think the tide is changing and a lot of younger men are having more open conversations about mental health and how they feel.

Legacy is really important to us. When you go, how would you like to be remembered for?
I’d like to be remembered as someone who was kind, ambitious and built movements. I believe we are all here to make an impact on the world and I want to have tapped into my full potential and use that to build a movement that helps dads and families.

What has MFF got planned for the rest of 2019?
It’s such an exciting time! We have just started our events, bi-monthly MFF Family Fun Days, which are really exciting because we get to connect with our community in real life. And we are also really excited about our forthcoming YouTube show where we take some of our #DaddyDebates topics and discuss with dads in real life.

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