Simply put, we see you…

Hey dad,

Simply put, we see you. This time has divided us, angered us and scared us. This time has also brought us closer, brought us peace and even made us laugh. It’s an emotional rollercoaster right now and everyone is feeling it, including us.

Dad, you are not alone. 

We have a love/hate relationship with this phrase because sometimes it actually does feel like you’re alone in this world. But at the same time, please remember there’s family, there’s friends, there’s even the neighbour that you don’t even speak to properly but do that weird head nod acknowledgment thingy that us guys do when you go to take out the trash.

Some of you are getting on great with your partners. Others are contemplating separation. Some of you have even gotten back with your former ex partners, go figure. Some of you have picked up new hobbies and routines, some of you have quickly given up those hobbies and routines whilst others, have just enjoyed, being. Some of you have enjoyed spending more time with your children. Some of you have hid in bathrooms just to grab an extra ten minutes alone time. Some of you have started to see your children for who they truly are, take from that what you will…

Whichever categories you fall into, we’re not here to judge. We’re just here, for you. Other dads are here too, we’re all in this together just going through life, ‘dadding’. If you’ve got something on your mind just let it out on the home feed. A problem shared is a problem halved or in this this case, a problem shared is a problem split thousands of ways! Remember, you can even post anonymously if you’re apprehensive (we know how it gets sometimes). It also doesn’t have to be problem, it could just be an introduction to yourself, some good news or a picture of the mess your little one just made!

If you would rather just sit back and kick it with just one of the bro’s on the app just use the swipe tab to potentially find someone close to you for free. If there’s nobody physically close to you when you use the swipe tab you can still connect 1-1 by purchasing “Dadapp Gold”. Either way, we’re just glad you’re here and part of our brotherhood.

So, we’ll let you get back to your work or quarantine. Just remember, don’t forget to check in with yourself and a close one every now and then and us too because like we said earlier, we see you.

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