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Valentine’s Day: Get it right

February 14th just in case you forgot. Cultural capitalism or a reminder of romance. However, you feel about Valentine’s day, your partner is hoping you come through with the goods. So, bro, this is the plan. Under promise and over deliver. Sh*t can get really expensive (not that you have to spend lots to be romantic) so you might want to plan and put some money aside in advance.

Spa day
Bro, do this and you’re in for a treat. (wink, wink) Spa days are definitely appreciated by your partner as they are able to see that some prior planning went into it. Break out your bathing suit and break your abs or love handles or whatever it is you’re packing. The good thing about spa days is that there are loads available to suit various budgets. Top tip: turn off your phone, totally disconnect and enjoy your partner’s company.

Cozy night in
Economical choice but by no means bad. Now, just because you’re staying doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a few things before the evening time arrives. Deep clean the house, re-stock the fridge and purchase those essential aphrodisiacs. You know, like the ones you see in the movies. Strawberries, champagne, chocolate… Honey, whip cream and any other food you can use to proceed to do sin things with. The entire day isn’t about the finish line (sex) although it’s the part with the most fun. Cook with care, anything you don’t think you can pull off just purchase it. Talk to your partner and relay your love for them. Obviously, you have given your kids away. (Not forever, however tempting) Babysitters may try to hike their prices for this day so if possible try to use a family/friend. Have great sex and remember to give more than you receive. Tonight’s all about your partner.

Weekend getaway
If you’re feeling a bit saucy and wanting to splash the cash or you have some making up to do (tut-tut) consider whisking your partner away and participating in a weekend getaway. Paris, Prague or Portsmouth (maybe not Portsmouth). Sightseeing or sex until you’re hungry, weekend getaways are the perfect way to do Valentine’s day and most importantly, you will both remember the experience forever and that’s what life’s about.

“But Valentine’s day is every day?” Get real, ain’t nobody got time nor money for that so let’s, at least for this one day wow our partner. They do a lot for us so let’s plan a good day to say thank you. So, as the big man once said, “Let’s get it on!”