What to do if your child is considered obese

We’ve got to be careful with this one because it’s 2019 and you can get in trouble for anything these days. Regardless of your personal views, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death and could cause cancer. We’re not talking baby weight, we’re talking straight obesity. It’s unhealthy. Additionally, your child may be bullied at school and as a result, your child may lose confidence in themselves which may affect your child’s academic performance.

Introduce diets
It may be difficult at first to introduce your children to foods they are unsure of, but persistence is key. By replacing fried chips with baked sweet potato slices, your child will cut out a significant amount of oil. Despite a different outward appearance, the difference in the taste of white rice to brown rice and white pasta to brown pasta is almost indistinguishable, kind of.

Introduce exercise
Try to encourage your child to tackle at least two of these exercises a week. Running, Swimming, ball sports or racket sports. They don’t have to be expensive; all you need is basic equipment, music and some imagination. Perhaps joining in with your children in these activities can provide not only a great bonding session but will also keep you fit and healthy too. At a bare minimum, making a small effort to take your child to the park, or double-checking they have their PE kit for the day can go a long way.

Get involved
If you’re trying to get your little one to shed some pounds, don’t make it harder by ordering in his favorite food and restricting him. Instead, embrace the changes with him. “Today we’re having brown rice and grilled chicken with steamed vegetables!” Encourage other members of the family to get involved and tackle the challenge together. The key word there is ‘challenge’, notice how we didn’t say ‘problem’. You and your family are a team and teams overcome challenges.

Make it fun
With the technology and gaming industry growing year by year, the culture of gathering all your friends and running around until the sun goes down is quickly becoming something of the distant past. Inform your child of the health benefits of exercise, let them experience different sports until they find what they like. You never know you might have a future footballer on your hands!

Learn to say no
Depending on if you’re the good or bad cop or both, you may find this one difficult. Many parents find that these adversities can be avoided if you just say yes and keep everyone happy. This is not the solution and you deserve a slap on your wrist if you’re a culprit. If you continue to do this, later down the line resentment will start to creep in. Your child has many friends, they need a father. That’s you. Start saying no and install discipline and direction.

Dad, there are many ways to manage this, but it will start and end with you constantly supporting, loving and developing.

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