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Why you should attend antenatal classes

Antenatal classes can help prepare yourself for your childbirth and help navigate life after the birth of your child. Most classes start from when your partner is 28-30 weeks and classes are normally once a week for two hours. According to the surveys we’ve seen, three-quarters of the woman on low incomes do not attend these classes.

A big majority for not going to antenatal classes anymore is that parents tend to see it as friend building exercise rather than anything else because you can read up on pretty much any topic online, so this is understandable. With that being said, if your partner wants to go, you’re going with her and here are 5 reasons why…

Learn how to feed and look after your baby
A lot goes into pregnancy and a brand-new baby. When do they eat? When do they sleep? What’s normal? What do I do if my baby is not fitting into those norms? If this will be your first child there is the fear of the unknown. Attending these classes give you the opportunity to learn the basics. They are usually really informative and fun.

Learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy
From organizing your care during pregnancy, planning a healthy balanced diet. Antenatal classes provide a breeding ground (pun intended) for a successful pregnancy. You will also be taught exercises your partner can perform to make sure she keeps supple. Exercises will include things such as brisk walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates. (Low impact activities)

Meet other parents
For this reason alone, attending antenatal classes is very a good idea. The friendships you form at this this time can be ones you have forever. Obviously, you have Dadapp so you probably have loads of friends by now! Either way, meeting parents who are at the same stage can put you at ease and get support where it’s needed.

Ask questions
This will be your opportunity to ask as many questions as you can think of in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Knowledge will vary between couples so understand that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ok, we all know there are stupid questions but you’re not going to ask any because you’re intelligent. Right, dad?

Support your partner
Some woman will be happy to go alone but as the caring, loving engaged father that you are, you will offer to attend alongside them. But as well as supporting your partner in this time of change, you will also be supporting your child through a very critical point in their lives. Start as you mean to go on and your partner will trust you will do the right thing which is to support your family.

Antenatal classes aren’t compulsory; however, they are helpful to a lot of parents. Have a discussion with your partner about antenatal classes and offer to go.